Thailand Global Health True Leaders Thailand Global Health True Leaders Thailand Global Health True Leaders is proposed to fulfill such need of future health leaders. This program aims to equip health sciences young professionals who have the greatest potential to be future health leaders with hands on experiences, chance to engage with local leaders and community in the area where global health problems exist. The multidisciplinary cooperation will be started at this early stage since we will invite young professionals from various health disciplines including medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, and environmental science from around Southeast Asia. The participants of this program will receive intensive training in leadership, communication, and global health as well as site visit in the decided location. After the successful of the first Global Health True Leaders (GHTL) conducted in Makassar,17-26 January 2014, the Field Building Leadership Initiative (FBLI) under Future Leaders program organized by Future Leader Coordinator and Regional Core Group (RCG) would like to arrange Global Health True Leaders Series that will be conducted in 3 Asian countries namely Thailand, Vietnam, and China.
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